Document Management is an overlooked skill and service that can make or break a project. I am an experienced writer and document manager, and I know how to introduce sound document management practices without getting everyone on the team bogged down. I know that project documents (and other support documents) are not the “end product” of a project (although they could be if specified in the scope); documents are there to help make success a habit.

Your first step in your document management project is not necessarily the platform for hosting your documents, but what you are going to document and how you are going to do it. If your site has an effective communication plan, follow it. If not, you should work toward creating one. A good communication plan should address:

  • What gets documented
  • How often updates are required
  • Who has access to which documents
  • Revisioning
  • Retention
  • File naming practices
  • Email practices

Whether your company uses Jira, SharePoint, SalesForce or a shared drive, I can introduce and implement common sense practices that are simple to adhere to.

Please see my article about document management on at the Project Management website.