Everyone knows that photographs and artwork enhance websites (if not overdone).  There are a lot of stock photos sites.  I have found Big Stock Photo and Unsplash to be the best.  Big Stock is not free, but it is affordable and their selection is excellent.  Unsplash is free and has some excellent offerings, but the selection is not as varied.  There are other services as well.  Adobe Stock Images is good, but I stopped working with Adobe products when they moved to the subscription model for their software.   I personally like the ability to own the software I have “purchased.”

I have added a few photos to demonstrate the excellent capabilities of WordPress Gallery.


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360 Photos

This is an excellent way to show off a property, memory or even meetings.  I not only can take 360 photos and videos, but I can effectively edit them.

You can also go to Momento.com to get a more immersive example.

You can also see my 360 Photo Contributions to Google Streets.  I am a Google Streets Trusted Professional for hire.

You can also view some 3D graphics I create for Big Stock Photo.



3D Animation and Modeling

I have worked with 3D systems since Autocad in the 1980’s, Lightwave on an Amiga, 3D Studio and Maya. I have settled on Blender. You can see some of the models I have created on RenderHub.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) are a great way for artists to share their ideas and works. I have place some of my more creative items on OpenSea, a free site that allows artists free expression and provides a great platform for selling NFT’s.