Who was the Best NFL Quarterback in 2019?

you get to decide!

As a project manager, I am required to make many complex decisions, but I also need to jusitify my decision. Well, now you can use a data driven decision matrix to pick the best 2019 Quarterback. Just go through the list and identify how important each field is to you, and click submit when you're done. Selecting 1 or 'Do not Include' will be a low value. High value items would be rated 4 or 5. Remember, it is best if you choose the weights for the criteria before you know the values of the possible "solutions."

If someone asks you if you have done any quantitative decision making, you can say "yes."

Stat Weight
Games Started
Total Completions
Completion Percentage
Passing Yards
Touchdown Passes
Interceptions (total)
Interceptions (%)
TD/INT Ratio
First Downs
Quaterback Rating
4th Quarter Comebacks
Rushing Yards
Minimum Attempts