Like many of us, I have lost friends and family to addiction. In my research, I found that if the addict monitors their behavior, it can contribute to controlling their addiction. To that end, I created a simple mobile web application for tracking that behavior. I based this on the 3 Circles approach, where the addict breaks their activities into three basic categories- Healthy, Risky and Relapse. The names can vary, but basically they are good, not so good and bad behaviors.

Data Model for Three Circles

The addict would then track their activity and see how many of the behaviors they practice each day. As with all twelve step programs, it relies on the candor of the addict in order to be successful.

I am not a mobile app developer, although I will have a better understanding of it when I finish my Xamarin classes. Until then, I can rely on my PHP, HTML5 and MySQL skills (and a lot of CSS modifications). For now, please explore this work in progress.