The Scrum Master is an important faciliator to a successful agile project, and I am Scrum Master Certified (SMC). This means I take the role of a Scrum Master seriously. There is a special skill to utilizing tools such as Release Burndown Charts, velocity charts and a good task board. I have used carefully designed Kanbans to visually provide team members and stake holders a visual representation of the workload.  When we reach an impasse, I have worked closely with the Product Owner to determine solutions.  Together we use tools like mind mapping or fist of five cooperatively reach a solution.

A good scrum master will keep the project moving by clearing a path for the team while keeping them focused.  One tool is using a kanban;  you can do this old-school if everyone (including your stakeholders) are local, but virtual works as well.  I have a friend who keeps a webcam on a physical kanban whiteboard and streams it 24-7.  I decided to include a simple animation to show how a kanban could work.  There are many successful  approaches.  You just need to find one that works for  your team.

The tools are fine, but a good scrum master knows the details behind the numbers and should be able to explain the status in detail (and with enthusiasm) to any team member or stakeholder.