Task Management Tips for Life and Business

by Stephanie Haywood

Task Management

Learning to practice effective task management can be a job in and of itself. If you ever find that you struggle to balance your time and workload, it could be dragging your business down or affecting your personal life. Thankfully, task management is a skill that can be learned. In addition to outsourcing some of your work to technical service providers such as CJBPMP, you can follow some of the tips below to become more efficient in both life and business. 

Create a team

No one can do everything on their own, and anyone can benefit from delegating some work to others. If you’re an entrepreneur, consider creating a team of go-to freelancers, contractors, and service providers to support you and your business. As you do this, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to see what type of work is the most difficult and time-consuming for you. This will be the area that you can benefit most from outsourcing. 

Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed or behind schedule to find help. Be proactive about delegating tasks so that you stay ahead of your workload. For example, if you’d like to form an LLC for your business, you can save hours of your time and avoid piles of paperwork by using an online formation service. The LLC NJ cost is also less when you file online rather than working with lawyers.

Make lists

Making to-do lists can be one of the most effective ways to manage your workload (and your personal life). Studies have found that the brain can only hold four pieces of information at once, so don’t even try to remember everything you have to do. Write it down the moment you think of it. Be sure that you create your lists on a device or in a notebook that is always with you so that you can jot things down on the fly. You can use an app, spreadsheet, or Google Doc to help organize your lists. This habit can help all areas of your life run more smoothly, not just your business.

Tackle the biggest tasks first

The order that you accomplish tasks matters. When you have the choice, consider working on your most dreaded tasks first – when your focus and energy level are at their highest. For example, people are usually more productive in the morning after a cup of coffee than at three in the afternoon when a siesta beckons. Getting big jobs done early will not only help your business run more smoothly, but it can also reduce the stress of something hanging over your head. This can be tough if you’re a procrastinator, but it’s worth the effort to try. 

Avoid multitasking

As nice as it would be to work on multiple tasks simultaneously, research shows that multitasking isn’t actually possible and can lead to declining productivity. The quality of your work also suffers as a result of dividing your attention. You can avoid multitasking by breaking complex tasks into smaller pieces (or delegating them) so that you can focus on them one at a time. By giving your undivided attention to each thing you do, you’ll probably find that you’re more efficient and produce better quality work. 

While the realities of your busy life can make ‘monotasking’ seem difficult, you can create a work environment that gives you the best chance of working in a more focused way. Consider making your workspace as distraction-free and calm as possible. Also, try limiting the number of tabs open on your computer or turn off push notifications. Mindfulness meditation is another way to improve your concentration.

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a first-time entrepreneur, you can benefit from practicing good task management. By delegating time-consuming work, making lists, taking advantage of your most productive hours, and improving your focus, you’re sure to notice results. When you also apply these skills to your personal life, you may find yourself more relaxed and time-rich as a result. 

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